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plurk emotes

See comments for emotes.
✚ This post is very image heavy. 

✚ I did not make any of these. I don't take credit for them either. If you made any of these yourself and would like credit or for me to remove them, let me know.
✚ There will be doubles of some emotes. I collected these over a period of time, forgot which ones I had, and gave up sorting through them after awhile.
✚ I won't pretend to be able to explain how I organized some of these.
✚ These sets are far from complete and I'll keep updating them as I find them. But if anyone else has more I am like, super cool with others adding them here. Try to avoid spam and keep it as organized as possible though, please and thank you. Emotes that don't really fit any of the sets or themes can get chucked under misc.

This plurk was a treasure trove. I found a bunch of sets here and I want to thank everyone in it for helping me. ♥
Another collection @ livejournal.
 Chiyo-chan's dad. Set here.
A collection of bird emotes.
Plurk community @ livejournal.
Misc. emotes @ Be sure to check the sub-albums too.
Type-Moon emotes @ LJ 
Game emotes!

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