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The Baby

Third story from my great-grandmother that scared the shit out of my mom and her siblings into being good to their mothers. This one gets a warning for cannibalism.

A long time ago, there was a mother who was jealous of her son's wife. Though the wife had never done anything wrong to her, the mother was so jealous, she often told her son lies. She told her son that his wife didn't care for her and was cruel to her whenever he was away. The son, knowing the nature of both his mother and wife, paid no mind to the mother.

In the country, when a woman becomes pregnant, it is the duty of the mother or mother in law to watch over her so she doesn't become too stressed and endangers the baby with too much work. After, the mother (in law) normally takes care of the new mother and the baby because it's a difficult time. The mother refused to care for her son's wife.

Towards the end of her pregnancy, the son was summoned away to the city and he wasn't going to return for a long time.

The wife gave birth to a healthy baby but still, the mother refused to care for the new mother and her child. She left the mother and the baby alone in the room and ignored them the entire time.

Now, in Korea, it's tradition to not show off a baby for 100 days. So none of the neighbors suspected anything was wrong at first. However, after some time, they realized that even though a baby had been born, something was wrong. They never saw the young mother, no one mentioned the baby, and there was almost no change at all at the home.

One day, the mother left the house and one of the neighbors snuck into the home. 100 days had not passed so she did not go into the daughter's room. Instead, she waited outside and called, "Hello! I know it isn't 100 days yet but I couldn't help! Please, tell me about the baby!"

There was no response at all. The neighbor did not hear the young mother or the baby. Concerned, she apologized, and opened the door.

Inside, she found the young mother sitting in the corner with her back turned.

"Hey!" The neighbor said, coming over, "Is everything okay?" She asked.

When the wife turned around though, the neighbor saw and she let out a terrible scream. "What are you doing?" She yelled.

"What do you mean?" The wife asked.

It was then that the neighbor noticed how dirty and bewildered the wife looked. Shaking the young mother furiously, the neighbor yelled to bring her back to her senses, "You're eating your child!"

In her neglect, the young mother had gone mad and then hungry.

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