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The Dog

Second story from my great grandmother about why you should be good to everyone.

There once was a couple that was happily married but the son's mother was deeply jealous of his young wife. No one understood why the mother was so cruel to the wife. The wife was a beautiful and kind woman that looked after both husband and his mother. They lived on a mountain.

The mother hated her so much, she refused to even eat her cooking. When the wife cleaned the table, she would give the family dog the scraps. The mother hated the dog too.

The wife was pregnant and expecting soon. The son was called away and he wouldn't return for a few days. He said good bye to his mother, his wife, and his dog , and left.

While he was away, the wife gave birth. Before she could see the baby, she passed out.

The jealous mother didn't want to share her son's love with anyone else so she took the baby, went out to the woods, and buried it. She returned home before the daughter awoke. When the wife asked where the baby was, the mother said the baby had died. The wife was overcome with grief.

Even more, the dog had run away and all of it's puppies had died outside in the cold.

Unknown to the jealous mother though, the dog had watched her and followed her into the woods. After the mother left, the dog dug up the baby and slept with it to keep it warm. The dog cared for the baby, keeping it warm at night and giving it milk. Each afternoon, it would leave the baby and go down to the foot of the mountain and wait for the son to return home. When he did not return, the dog would return to the baby.

Finally, the son returned. When he saw the dog, he smiled, "You came to greet me. What a good dog!" He began to walk home with the dog but the dog began to bite at his clothes and run in a different direction.

"What are you doing? That isn't the way home!" The son laughed and he began to walk home again.

The dog pulled at his clothes again and ran in the other direction.

The son, eager to go home and see his wife (and hopefully his child) was eager to get home. "I don't have time to play!" He exclaimed and he began to walk home.

Again, the dog pulled at his clothes and ran in the other direction.

By now, the son realized something was going on. He decided to follow the dog and the dog led him to a baby. Surprised to see that the baby was still alive, the man covered the baby with his coat and took it home.

When the son finally got home, his mother greeted him. When she saw the coat in his arms was covering something, she became excited, "Oh! Did you bring me a gift?"

The son unwrapped the coat to reveal the baby. Immediately, she knew and she died from shock.

The wife came to see what was going on and the dog, her husband, and the baby. Immediately, she knew the baby was her own and when the husband told her how he had found the baby, she knew what had happened.

Reunited with her child, the wife lived happily with her husband and dog.